Sunday, April 27, 2014

Exporting Video from OpenShot for Android

I was having trouble finding the exact combination of video and audio settings to use for exporting a video from OpenShot to view on my Android phone (specifically, I was using my Nexus 4 to view the videos on my LG TV via Miracast). There is not a preset, so after trying several combinations I just copied the codecs and settings used on video recorded on the device itself and everything fell into place.

The project was created with the HD 1080p 30fps profile (though I'm not entirely sure if that matters in the end). But when exporting the video, I used the following options in the advanced settings:

  • Advanced Options: leave this at Export to: Video & Audio
  • Profile: HD 1080p 30 fps
  • Image Sequence Settings: leave this at png
  • Video Settings - use the following
    • Video Format: mp4
    • Video Codec: libx264 (this is the H.264 codec, but it could be a different name on other systems to use the H.264 codec)
    • Bit Rate/Quality: 15.00 Mb/s
  • Audio Settings - use the following:
    • Audio Codec: aac
    • Sample Rate: 48000
    • # of channels: 2
    • Bit Rate/Quality: 96 kb/s
I assume you can play with the audio sample rate and bit rate if you have some higher quality sound, but I was using the audio recorded from my phone. My GoPro records with a higher bit rate (128 kb/s) and if I were incorporating that video I might experiment to see if the higher bitrate provides better sound, or if it works at all. Experimenting with lower bit rates on the video might produce smaller files, but I have not tested any different settings here for compatibility when playing the video on my phone.


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    1. I assume you are relating the error message you are getting. Try checking to see if the H.264 codec is installed. You might need to do some googling to find out how to install that codec on your system, or you may find it under a different name.

  2. Thanks for this, it definitely saved me some hunting around!

  3. I like this... I find a product that seems to have a good following should have more recipes like this on what worked and what did not. Great write up! Thanks for sharing