Sunday, September 30, 2012

Transferring files from Ubuntu to Nexus 7

When I first got my Nexus 7 tablet, I had difficulty transferring files to and from Ubuntu.  Earlier Android gizmos would allow the SD card space to be mounted as a standard USB device (and that's what I found with my Nexus S on Jelly Bean), but this tablet offers me two choices: MTP or PTP.  MTP is a standard around media devices (e.g. MP3 players) and PTP is a standard for cameras.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Moving to Blogger

I have decided to move the contents of this blog from self-hosted Drupal to Blogger. I like Drupal, but Blogger is so much easier to manage. I am, of course, losing the freedom to make alterations and customizations as I fit, but I have never done that in the several years the blog has been live. Also, I am getting a little fed up with the blog spam. I was getting multiple spam attempts every day and a few were squeaking through the antispam measures (mostly just filtering and a captcha). Blogger seems to keep that more at bay.